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Airbrushing has a lot of advantage and disadvantage for users. It is mostly used by extremely popular artist, movies or modelling but there are things that makes this type of makeup system that makes it perfect for your wedding day. Airbrushing requires an experienced makeup artist who have well practiced in this type of makeup technique, as it would affect the outcome and quality. Though it looks easy, airbrushing is not as the same as your regular make up kit. When it’s done in a right way, you can expect to have a flawless and smooth result, which is way different from using your regular make up. But there are things that you need to consider before you decide for airbrush makeup for wedding. Here are the things you need to know about airbrushing make-up.

1. Flawless Finish

It leaves you to have a flawless finish, which is perfect for the unforgettable moment of your life. We all know that this type of celebration, we want this to be perfect and choosing airbrush for makeup would definitely keep your make-up flawless throughout the event.

2. Water Resistant

Since it’s an airbrushed make up, you will get a high standard make up used that is specially designed for this airbrush system. It would help you get a more water resistant than your regular or expensive make up.

3. Last Longer

It will last longer and keeps you look beautiful and prepared for anything. You want your day to be perfect? Well, having an airbrush would definitely save you from all the hassle and worries of getting a messy make up or don’t have to keep on retouching.

4. Expensive

Yes, it is specially done by professionals and they will use special airbrush equipment. So expect that you will pay higher than the regular price for make-up wedding service. Though the quality and hassle free experience is worth to pay for this one special day.

5. Limited Shade

Yes, we can have the quality, long lasting and beautiful face all day with this airbrush technique but the disadvantage of this type of technique, is that you will get a limited choice when it comes to shade. It’s not as easy as choosing variety of colors like what you have in your make up kit. It has special items used and it may be limited than what you have in a regular make up.

6. Hard Re-Blend

this is the main problem that you will experience in airbrush makeup. Only if, when the person who applied it has done something wrong or has not followed the instructions carefully. This is why it is important to have a professional in this field because it is hard to re-blend it again when it’s already applied.
You deserve to have the perfect make up for the best day of your life. It’s one of the unforgettable moment when you walk in the aisle. Getting an airbrush makeup for wedding or not, it’s all up to you. As long as you got a professional & budget for this type of service then there shouldn’t be a problem.