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Makeup brush

“The makeup brush is an extremely important tool in achieving a perfect and flawless look. It helps to blend the product which makes it more natural looking. The first thing you should know before buying a makeup brush is that they come in many different sizes, shapes, textures and colors.”


Before you buy makeup, there are a few things that you should know. Primer is essential for any type of makeup and will help your skin look younger and healthier. Consider the tone of the blog post before purchasing highlighters or blushes – matte tones are more natural looking while shimmery shades can make skin appear oily. As for lipstick, it’s all about what color suits you best!


“Foundation is a liquid that typically comes in either a bottle or tube and is used to even out the skin tone of your face. It can be applied with fingers, brushes, sponges, or makeup pads.”
“A foundation’s coverage ranges from sheer to full. If you want more coverage than what the average foundation provides there are other options such as BB Creams which have been trending for awhile now.” “BB creams offer light-weight formulas that are moisturizing and provide all day hydration as well as sun protection without feeling heavy on your skin.”


There are so many different types of concealer and it can be hard to find the one that works best for you. In this article, we will discuss some things you should consider before buying a concealer.
1) What type of coverage do I want? Concealers come in different levels of coverage from sheer to full. You may want to go with something more sheer if you just need a little bit of coverage or something heavier if your blemishes are really bad. The right concealer can make all the difference! 2) Some people prefer liquids while others like creams or powders but there is no right answer here because what works for one person might not work for another person. 3) Be sure to match your skin tone.


Makeup has come a long way since the days of powder and rouge. These days, you can find everything from concealers to lipsticks in every color imaginable. And there are many different pallets that have all this makeup in one place! If you’re just starting out with makeup or just want to get some new colors for your collection.
The price varies widely based on what is included in the palette- if it’s mostly cheap products like powders and blushes, then it will be much cheaper than if it includes high-end brands like Urban Decay. You’ll also see variations in price based on how many items are included; higher-end palettes.


Pencils are a makeup staple in any girl’s routine. They are the most common type of eyeliner and can be used for eyebrows, too. But what do you need to know before purchasing one? We’ve put together a list of things to consider when buying pencils so that you can make an informed decision about which ones will work best for your needs.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is a cosmetic product that typically comes in shades of brown, black, gray and white. It is used to add color and definition for the eyes. Eye shadow can be applied wet or dry to the eyelids and blended out with a brush or your fingertip until it has an opaque coverage. You have probably seen eye shadows on many people before in all sorts of colors. They are often worn by people who want their eyes to stand out from their skin tone so they choose one that contrasts well with it. There are also special types of eye shadows designed for different applications such as highlighting under the brow bone, adding sparkle around the corner of your eye, etc.

Eyeliner pen before liquid

Eyeliner pens are a fantastic way to keep your liner looking sharp and crisp. They’re perfect for those who want a more natural look, or for anyone who has long gaps between touch-ups. Some people find that they can create thicker lines with the pen than with liquid liners or pencils. If you’re someone who is in need of an extra level of precision when applying eyeliner, this may be the right product for you!


I’m sure you know the basics about mascara: it’s a type of makeup that sticks to your lashes and creates them look longer, thicker, and darker. But do you know what else it can do? Mascara is often used to separate or “fan” your eyelashes which makes them appear fuller. It also protects your eyelashes from dust particles and other irritants (hence why they recommend not applying when wearing contact lenses). Lastly, mascara helps curl lashes by coating each lash with a thin layer of oil-based liquid. This causes the lashes to stick together in an upward curve while drying so they end up curling upwards more than straight outwards.