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1. GO Digital

As you know, the digital age has changed everything. More and more people are turning to social media for information. There is a new generation of makeup artists who prefer to use their smartphones as their main tool in order to photograph themselves and post on Instagram or Facebook. This article will give 10 ideas for event makeup artists who want to market using social media marketing techniques. They can be used with any type of photography methods that you may have at your disposal!
Find out what hashtags other photographers are using when posting pictures from events they’ve done: this is important because it will allow you to reach out and connect with them so that they may share your work too!

2. Get Visible on Social Media

Social media is a great way for event makeup artists to get their name out there and market themselves. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 10 ways that your social media presence can be the best it can be.
1) Update regularly – Posting at least three times per week will keep people on your page.
2) Be consistent with posting content- If you are going to post about one thing then stick to that topic so people know what they should expect from you on any given day. 2) Use hashtags – A hashtag is like putting “a label” on things which makes them easier to find through search engines or when someone posts something related to what you’re talking about in response.

3. Educational Tutorial Videos

If you want to get the word out about your makeup artist business, consider making educational tutorial videos. Blog posts and social media are great for showcasing images of your work and sharing techniques with other artists. But if you’re looking for a more in-depth way to teach people how to do something like create a flawless face or perfect red lip, video tutorials are the way to go! Here are few reasons why:
1) It’s not just one person learning from the video – it can be shared with hundreds of people at once 2) You can show key points without having someone talking over them 3) There is no need for subtitles 4) It’s an easy way to market products 5) People feel more comfortable watching them.

4. Build Contacts

Every day, makeup artists are transforming people’s faces into a work of art. Makeup is the perfect tool to accentuate the beauty and features that an individual already possesses. The best part about being a makeup artist is getting to know your clients on a personal level and building relationships with them. It can be difficult for event-based makeup artists to market their business because they don’t have the opportunity to build contacts as much as other types of makeup artists who might have more steady clientele or those who offer services in person at festivals or events like weddings. Here are few ideas for event makeup artists looking to build connections: 1) attend networking events 2) email potential customers 3) join social media groups 4) advertise on Instagram 5) do collaborations.

5. Network with Other Professionals

Networking with other professionals in your field is a great way to gain insight, find potential clients and form mutually beneficial relationships. Here are 10 ideas for makeup artists who want to market their business more effectively at events that they attend or host themselves: -Giveaways of personalized lip balms, hand cream, perfume samples or fragrance samplers can be used as giveaways at the event itself. This gives attendees an opportunity to try out something new before committing to purchasing it elsewhere. You could also offer this service if you have a small table set up near the entrance where people will walk by on their way into the venue. For those who prefer not-so-personalized gifts but still want them customized, consider giving away

6. Give Blogging a Try

Conclusion paragraph: If you are an event makeup artist and have been looking for some new ways to market your business, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas that should get the creative juices flowing. You can either use them on their own or combine them in different ways to find what works best for you. Whatever route you decide is up to you! Here’s our list: -Create a blog post about how-to tutorials -Take pictures at events and share them with social media audiences (especially if they match your target demographic) -Post videos of yourself doing makeovers using products from companies who sponsor bloggers such as Bare Minerals, MAC Cosmetics, etc.

7. Creative Business Bookmarks

With so many ways to market your makeup business, it can be hard to know where you should start. That’s why we compiled this list of 10 different marketing ideas for Event Makeup Artists that might help get the ball rolling and give you some fresh inspiration! From social media posts to brochures, these are all great options depending on what kind of budget and skillset you have. Check them out below! 1) Social Media Posts- Posting pictures or videos is a great way to show off your work in action with new clients while also cultivating relationships in the community. Plus everyone loves seeing pretty things posted on their feed! 2) Brochures- These are one of the most traditional forms of advertising but

8. Unique Business Cards

Conclusion paragraph: Advertising your makeup artist services doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many creative ways you can market your business and promote yourself without breaking the bank! Here, we list 10 different ideas for event makeup artists who want a low-cost way to advertise their work or meet new people in the industry. Keep reading below to find out more on how these marketing tips can help grow your clientele as an event makeup artist!

9. Makeup Fairs can be a Game-Changer

Conclusion paragraph: Marketing is a constantly evolving field and the makeup artist industry is no different. Makeup fairs are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to market your business as they provide an opportunity for artists to promote their work while also networking with other professionals in the same field or potential clients. There are many strategies that can be used when marketing at these events, but here are few ideas you might want to consider before going into battle against competitors and putting on your best face! 1) Have some giveaways 2) Create a team 3) Bring samples 4) Contact local vendors 5) Get free press coverage 6) Offer demos 7) Giveaways 8 ) Send out invitations 9 ) Blog about it 10 ) Be creative!

10. Brand and Influencer Collaboration

When it comes to marketing your business, there are many different avenues you can take. From blogging for exposure and inbound links, to social media marketing on Facebook or Twitter, the options are endless. But what about making an appearance at a trade show? If that sounds like something up your alley but you’re not sure how to start planning such an event…read on! Below we have compiled some of our favorite tips from industry experts so you can make the most out of this opportunity. Here’s hoping these few ideas help get your creative juices flowing as well! What other advice would you give someone who is looking into attending events as a makeup artist? Let us know below by commenting with any insightful thoughts.