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Fashion and make up has been making our lives colorful. People behind these wonderful fashion and makeup made their potential reach their success. Without these people we wouldn’t be able to see fantastic creations and have a colorful life. Get to know the best makeup artist in 2018.

Here are the top 10 famous makeup artists in 2018:

1. Bobbi Brown – well known for it’s skills in make up and fashion industry. A well established person who is also the CEO of her own cosmetic company. Best and reputable person in makeup and fashion.

2. Laura Mercier – creator of popular products like body & bath, fragrance, skin care and cosmetics. Well known make up artist for Hollywood artist such as Juliette Binoche, Sarah Parker, Julia Roberts to name a few. She also contributes editorial shoots and cover designs for popular magazines.

3. Richard Taylor – one of the popular make up artist in the Hollywood. A co-director and co-founder of Wellington Weta. He is known for his amazing work in Lord Of The Rings. He also won 4 BAFTA’s and 5 Oscars.

4. Billy B – a consultant make up artist for L’Oreal Paris. Worked in beauty magazines and international fashion like the Harper’s Bazaar, Elle & Vanity Fair. His flair and creativity made him one of the well known and successful in makeup industry.

5. Pat McGrath – the international Vogue Magazine has named her for being the best prominent make-up artist. She has worked in several Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Also she’s a currently a creative director in Procter and Gamble’s Global.

6. Charlie Green – has been 20 years in the industry but still kicking it. The make up artist behind the red carpet with celebrities.

7. Rich Baker – the make up artist in the popular movie of 1981 “American Werewolf”. Recorded in Guinness World for it’s multiple Oscar winnings by contributing in Hollywood style and make up industry.

8. Stan Winston – Remember Terminator, Predator & Jurassic Park? Well, the make up artist behind it is non other than Stan Winston. Recently he also worked for Iron Man & Avatar, such a genius makeup artist that is known in both international circuit and Hollywood.

9. Michele Burke – contributed in Hollywood, won 6 nominations and 2 Oscars. A genius makeup artist in shadow, color and light.

10. Sam Fine – creates a unique, creative color and style in make-up. Known as make up artist in popular celebrities and also the make up director in Fashion Fair. He can also be seen in many magazines to name a few, Essence, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vibe and more.

With these famous makeup artists  creativity, uniqueness and out of the world vision. There’s no doubt that they will reach the success and become reputable in this makeup industry.