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We all know that make up makes a woman beautiful and confident. Nowadays, make up is also used for art. A new trend of art is born using make up to create surreal model. Yes, they literally use that make up kit like what you have in your bag right now. It is done first by drawing the face of the lady then starts to add highlights using the makeup, just like applying your everyday make-up but this time around it is applied in a piece of paper with the face of a lady. It is one of the latest trend in art industry that’s wide spread seemingly fast. Well, you know as they say, art only is limited upon your imagination.

In the said, art makeup. Many artists have tried but still few are successfully good at it, as it’s not as the same as any other art. With this type of art, you need to have the skills in how to apply make up in a woman’s face and not all artist knows how to do that.
With this skill, you will need to know how to draw, learn how to use make up and of course how to make a woman look gorgeous.

If the artist who wants to learn this art make up technique is a man then he should start asking for help with their girlfriend or wife to let them apply the make-up.  It actually depends on how you want to learn this type of art but it’s better to have a good background as there are things that you need to know more about make up shades in order to get successful in this type of art. Below is the things you should know about applying make up.

1. Foundation – It is the first thing that you should apply when doing make up. It is applied in both face and neck.

2. Concealer – it is used on the darker parts of the face where you can cover the area’s you want to light up in your face.

3. Curl Lashes – the thing that girls would never forget is curling their eyelashes.

4. Eye Shadow – using eye shadow gives highlight to woman’s face.

5. Mascara – mascara is used to darken your curled eyelashes to make it look visible or thicker.

6. Eyebrows – a girl will never forget to fix their eyebrows wherever they go as it fills up the face with a frame.

7. Cheeks – putting blush on gives color to a woman’s face.

8. Lipstick – making your lips visible. It could be light or dark, which is important to correctly mix and match to make it look perfect on her.

9. Final Touch – it’s the final step, this would help reduce shine and sets make-up.

You have to learn the shades, right color mixture and thickness of the make up in order to succeed in creating your art make-up. You may fail a lot of times, but with determination and open mind to learn how make up works, you’ll eventually know how this type of art works.