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How Much Money To Top Makeup Artists Make?

Many people love to become a great makeup artist but not all have the opportunity to become a celebrity’s make up artist. Well, we really don’t know how much they get paid and it depends on their employer of how much they are willing to spend for them to look perfect. But we can help you get an idea of how much do they really get when you are going to be in the highest position as a make-up artist of a celebrity, for all we know, it’s a dream for all make up artist.

What Do You Need?

Most of the celebrity makeup artist salary is based from their experience and knowledge, that’s because it requires expertise in each of the category in order to consider yourself hired as a celebrity makeup artist. For example, you should be expert in areas like moisturizers, eyeliners, lipsticks, foundation, eyeshadows and more. There are plenty of information that you need to learn in order to become an expert and enrolling yourself to make-up learning session is just the beginning. But if you keep on trying and pushing your goal, you will get there and be successful.

Average Daily or Hourly Salary

Based from the make up artist that is working with the celebrities nowadays. It is estimated that they get an hourly rate of $41 dollars, which is doubled the price to those who are working in a salon. The top celebrity makeup artist salary can reach up to $2,500 in just one day. See where the art skill goes? Earning that much just to make a celebrity look perfect and gorgeous.

Annual Salary

The annual salary of top celebrity make-up artist can reach up to $85,930 dollars or more than that. Earning like that just to make a celebrity prepared is such a great source of income. Annual wage of a regular make-up artist is around 40-50 thousand dollars.


Of course, it’s never easy to be on top and compete from thousands of make up artist in the whole world. You should be unique and expert to attain the celebrity make up artist salary you have been dreaming of. Out of 38,000 make up artist just in US, only few are working with the celebrities but you could be one day be one of them, just keep on trying.

Aside from using your talent to earn, you could also indulge yourself to different ways to earn money like designing your own product, makeup and even books. Success depends on how you define it. Its hard to compete but with believing in what you can do can help you stay on top and who knows, you will be the next best celebrity make up artist in the near future. The real key in this type of industry is to keep yourself updated with the latest make up trend and become artistic. Discover the things that you haven’t learned and apply it.