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Learning how to apply make-up is one of the basic things girls eventually learn as they grow up. As a beginner everything could be confusing and messy, but once you get the hang of it and be knowledgeable to everything you need to apply, then it would be a lot easier and you can confidently apply it in yourself or even to others. If you have no idea how to become a make up artist then you are just right on track. Here we can help you understand where you should start and how you will grow.

Becoming a make-up artist is never an easy task, since you have to learn the basics of art and apply it. Your first make up experiment would definitely be a mess. But here is the simple steps to help you learn to become a makeup artist.

What Is The Purpose? Personal or Career – you have to know if you are going to use your make up artist skill for your personal use or build it as a career, or it could be even both. If it’s for personal use, you can enroll or do it yourself as there are many videos nowadays to help you learn the basics. Career? Well, enrolling is the to get deep knowledge about make up. But enrolling or DIY learning, it’s all about how determine you are to learn the art of makeup.

Basic Makeup Tool Kit – it is important to know the basics tool kit that you need to use. Below is the list of the tools you will need for make up and it’s use.

1. Foundation – apply in both face and neck for even tone.

2. Concealer – apply to dark areas to equalize your whole skin.

3. Eyelashes – there are two things you need to apply in eyelashes, to curl it and mascara to make it look thin.

4. Eyeshadow & Blush on – these two are used to add color in your face. Depending in how you mix and match is the best key.

5. Lipstick – there are various colors available, so try to choose which matches your face or to the one you want to apply the make up on.

Practice Color Matching – the best thing that you can do is to practice different mix and match colors on yourself. It is one of the basic things you need to learn as being a makeup artist requires the talent of art. There are various videos that can help you get an idea in which color to use for the type of skin tone. Take notes and apply it for yourself or friends.

Keep Learning – when you know the basics, don’t just stop from there and learn from the new makeup trends that’s coming every now and then. It’s essential to stay on top of the make up trend if you really want to become a great makeup artist.